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Experience 4m

Name your experience, at this 15-minute neighborhood. coming to Ann Arbor MI. 4m will be a place to work, to gather, to eat, to celebrate, to stay, to shop. A place to experience community.

Experience 4m Website
80/20 Hospitality Support App

We’ve developed 4m their own concierge app to assist guests while they stay with 4m. Chat with 4m, guests can view their stay details, and request assistance. It’s all there in one place so that 4m's concierge can provide their guests with the best quality care in Ann Arbor, MI. 4m takes pride in their level of service and they believe their guests will notice the difference.

Experience 4m Stays
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

We built a whole new web application from the ground up for our friends at Virginia MOCA. Their web application connects to a back-end CRM specifically catered for non-profits just like Virginia MOCA. The content is served up from the Contentful head-less CMS, for ease of updating content and scalability for the Virginia MOCA team. Reserve tickets, become a member, attend events, and donate right through the web application.

Virginia MOCA Website
Prentice 4m

4m has long-term stay options in their 12-unit new luxury townhome building, just a 2 minute walk to the Big House in Ann Arbor! 6 bedrooms all with private bath in each town home. Onsite access to complete tech advanced conference/work-from-home facilities. A favorite with business and leisure travelers alike! Full podcast studio on site. Beautiful outdoor gathering areas. This is the perfect choice for a Michigan football weekend or a longer business retreat or team planning event.

Experience 4m Stays
SGS Towers ERP Software Platform

SGS Towers is an inspection company that utilizes the custom software we built for them to ultimately deliver on their mission. From the ground up, it is an internal ERP for the SGS company to administer jobs, track their schedule, log time, and keep the team all on the same page with every facet needed to complete their work.

PCS Global BSP Software Platform

PCS Global is a leadership company dedicated to focusing at the behavioral level not on personality types. At their core they understand people better. The Behavioral Styles Platform we built for them, helps them with just that. The platform will assist guests through a series of questions that builds their behavioral profile for review at PCS.


AISE Services is a fintech startup company that collaborated with us to facilitate Discovery workshops. In those workshops, we defined requirements, created user personas, and developed an early technology roadmap for their software application. We also constructed some early-on clickable prototypes of their software platform.

AISE Services Website
Golf Beverage Delivery Startup

This Golf Beverage Delivery startup contracted with us to syndicate their Discovery workshops. In those workshops we finalized the overall MVP features, defined requirements, developed user journeys/maps, and developed an early technology roadmap for their software application. Through UI/UX, we wireframed and designed, along with clickable prototypes, the consumer side of the application.

Basketball Coaching Blueprint (BCB) SaaS

A Saas platform that allows for high school basketball coaches around the country to add their athletes and staff, and administer a calendar of games, practices, workouts and more. Challenges are syndicated through the platform for all athletes to compete in. Scores are entered into the platform so athletes can challenge themselves to excel. Also through the platform is the Champions Club and other program-specific content such as Interviews, Recipes, Workouts, Plays, etc...

Basketball Coaching Blueprint Website

WellStat is the first all-in-one air quality sensing system that provides continuous, actionable data to help you reduce the unseen risk factors that impact the health and productivity of your occupants.

WellStat Website

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