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None of this off-the-shelf software business

We are an international custom software development company based out of Metro Detroit focused on empowering companies to scale, get funded, and solve real problems.

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise company, our software expertise and business technology solutions are adaptable to your needs.

We provide industry-leading software development, design solutions, and technology services for startups. Size matters not, our technology services for startups are customized to suit your needs. With goals aligned, we're here to empower you towards greatness. Startups require a unique set of services, and they need to connect with a software development partner who can provide these services in the right way. 

How we help Startups

We create custom software and technology solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering their innovative ideas and bringing them to life. Sophisticated technology, in-depth consultation, and custom software development — all these elements help your small or medium-sized enterprise overcome the challenges you face in the market. With the right technology partner at your side, not only will you overcome these challenges, but you will also identify new targets and opportunities for growth. This is precisely what we have in mind when we craft enterprise solutions for our clients.

How we help SMEs

As your partner, we help creative design studios of all shapes and sizes transform your creative vision into exciting custom software solutions that scale. Integration — this is a key aim for any design studio seeking tech development services. These services must align with your project goals and with your long-term business targets. The results you see must adhere to your identity and your business model. And the project's technical aspects must integrate with your existing systems. In other words, your design studio needs a service partner, not a mere service provider.

How we help Design Studios

We specialize in custom enterprise software development — crafting solutions that snuff out inefficiencies and help you focus on achieving your goals. Large enterprise companies need custom enterprise software solutions that can match the depth and breadth of their operations. Large enterprise services need to be efficient and effective, providing a streamlined route from the drawing board design phase through testing and fine-tuning right up to launch and beyond. Our team has put together a suite of services to accomplish all of this with speed and flexibility.

How we help Large Enterprises


With a project discovery phase, we'll take the time to understand your product vision, requirements, and overall objectives. As a part of our discovery and research workshop, we'll help further identify your competitive advantage, analyze your competitive landscape, and establish both short and long-term attainable goals.

Discovery and Research

We put user-centric design first with our UI/UX design services, ensuring the end product delivers an exceptional experience with an aesthetic that wows. Find out how we transform your bright ideas into beautiful solutions.

UI/UX Design

With our full stack software development capabilities we help you push innovation to its limits, crafting software solutions that are built to scale. Achieve all of this and more with our custom software development process — delivered by our expert team and built to empower you to scale.

Software Process

Digital marketing is continually evolving. Today, forward-thinking businesses are placing heavy emphasis on their digital marketing strategies. From social media management to online advertising and enhanced SEO, we are the partner you need to get your brand noticed and your business booming.

Digital Marketing



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