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Discovery phase workshops crafted to inspire and align your team on a common vision

Discovery Workshop Service

Software Discovery is the process of finding and evaluating the right software solutions that meet the requirements of an organization. It involves researching the available software options, understanding the cost, features, and capabilities of each option, and determining which one best fits the organization's needs.

This process often involves investigating a variety of sources, from internal research to external market research, to help the organization decide which software product would be best for them to use.

Our Discovery multiple-day workshops strive to define the scope of the project, allowing the project team to determine the best approach and the most cost-effective solutions for the project.

Discovery Workshop Roadmap

Why is a discovery phase important?

It is used to bring all stakeholders on board to initiate the process of developing mutual understanding, agreed development process, the scope of the project, and setting expectations of all the stakeholders involved.

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