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Moonello Capabilities Custom Software Development

The Challenge of Adaptable Software Development

In the dynamic realm of business, leaders are confronted by an ever-evolving technological landscape. The pressing need to be at the forefront of innovation is a constant, but achieving that demands software that's both scalable and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Moonello recognizes the depth of this quandary and offers a beacon of clarity. With our holistic approach to software development, we ensure that businesses are equipped with tools that are not just state-of-the-art but are also tailored to evolve in tandem with them. From understanding unique operational demands to crafting solutions that blend seamlessly with existing systems, we prioritize scalability and integration.

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Matt Trueblood Moonello

Matt - Chief Fun Officer

Husband, Father of 3, Founder of Moonello, Video Podcast Co-host, Speaker, Business Mentor, and Tech enthusiast. I started Moonello as I have a passion for helping companies start, succeed, and get ahead. People say I put the “ok” in jokes and to this day, I have never said "No" to French Toast for breakfast.

Jason Smith

Jason - Software Developer, SME Generalist, The Moonello Show Co-Host

I'm a software developer, photographer, a nerd, a gamer, and a perpetual learner. I have four bosses (the wife, the two kids, and then Matt). I believe that listening to audiobooks counts as reading them and Twitter is now bad; I will not be taking questions and thank you for coming to my T.E.D. Talk.

Monica Mikolon

Monica - Master of the Digital Domain, The Moonello Show Co-Host (reluctant)

Obsessed with true crime, books, and the great outdoors (in that order). Powered by questionable amounts of caffeine and the unwavering support of my four-legged sidekick. If I'm not solving cold cases or planning my next hike, I'm likely chopping, simmering, and seasoning my way to a delicious meal.

Stephanie Ringholz

Stephanie - Digital Marketing Strategery

I am a busy Mom to a beautiful two-year-old girl. In my (very rare) free time, I love to paint, do yoga, read dorky scifi/fantasy, and go for hikes.

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Tailored Expert Guidance

Experience personalized support from our seasoned experts who understand the nuances of both software development and digital marketing. Your dedicated account manager will serve as your primary point of contact, ensuring a smooth, collaborative, and friendly project journey.

Comprehensive Project Documentation

Expect meticulous documentation encompassing every aspect of your project, from code to digital marketing strategies. Our documentation suite includes Software Requirement Specifications, Agile Roadmaps, Testing Documents, User Experience Designs, Solution Architecture, and Digital Strategy Plans, ensuring clarity and precision throughout the project lifecycle.

Structured Project Roadmap

We align our software and marketing efforts with your unique business model and internal processes. Our annotated project plan outlines a clear path for development and marketing activities, ensuring they complement rather than overhaul your existing operations.

Regular Progress Meetings

Adhering to the Agile methodology, we engage in weekly meetings to synchronize project developments. These sessions include progress demonstrations and discussions on upcoming tasks, ensuring transparency and alignment with your team on both software and marketing fronts.

Interactive Training Modules

To facilitate a smooth transition, we provide comprehensive video training modules. These cover the management of software applications and digital marketing tools, ensuring your team is well-equipped to take over post-project, with step-by-step guidance on using platforms like Contentful, Stripe, and others.

Collaborative Project Workspace

A secure, shared cloud-based project folder will be established, and accessible to all project stakeholders. This collaborative space is vital for keeping everyone updated with the latest information and resources, ensuring consistent progress in software development and digital marketing initiatives.

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Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing: Exclusive Video Series Inside!
Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing: Exclusive Video Series Inside!
Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing: Exclusive Video Series Inside!

Software holds the power to transform your business, but success starts with a clear understanding of your needs.

With that, we have created an Essential Guide to help on your way. This guide will serve as kickstart for your project to:

  • Reduce project failure risk
  • Gain clearer timlines and budgets
  • Implement software that truly solves business problems